The natural evolution of African writing systems has been greatly suppressed by colonization and slavery. A number of once thriving ancient African writing systems such as Tifinagh, Nsibidi, the Kassena logograms, Meroitic, and others have fallen into disuse.
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Burkina Faso is a multilingual country. The Burkinabè government officially recognizes 70 indegenous languages spoken in the country, with only three…
Hey there! My name is Cara Kim, and I am a sophomore at Vanderbilt University. I’m also the newest addition to the Marketing Team @ Mandla! As you can…
Norvinyewo miefoa? (Ewe, Ghana) My people, how are you? My name is Delanyo Mensah, and I am the Head of Growth and Development here at Mandla. I joined…
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Africa is simply a continent whose written history has not been studied. Africa is not a continent without writing. Rather, it is a continent without…
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